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On August 9, 2018, S.R. Smith announced the purchase of certain assets of Inter-Fab, Inc. S.R. Smith will integrate the product portfolios except for Inter-Fab’s deck mounted pool slides, which were not acquired.

S.R. Smith offers functional replacements for the Inter-Fab deck mounted pool slides. Download the Deck Slide Functional Equivalent Guide. Please visit for more information.

Discontinued Inter-Fab Slide S.R. Smith Functional Equivalent
Adrenaline TurboTwister
City 2 Rogue2
G-Force 2 heliX2
White Water Cyclone (Right Curve Only)
Wild Ride Typhoon or Rogue 2
X-Stream 2 Typhoon
Zoomerang Cyclone

Questions regarding warranty for the discontinued Inter-Fab pool slides should be directed to