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Pool Games Keep Kids Active, Happy and at Home

Looking for a way to keep your kids active and truly entertained this summer?  But you don’t want your pool area to look junky?  We've got the perfect product to entertain the kids!  Our Basketball Game Set is designed to be easily added to pools via On-deck or In-deck installation.  We understand that you don’t want your pool area décor too cluttered with flimsy games that often break with serious use.  Our Basketball Game Set takes care of these concerns by offering a sturdy design that is integrated into your pool with stainless steel support legs that can also be upgraded to one of 5 designer powder coat colors to match your pool décor.

Make your pool more fun this summer and you will find that your kids wants to stay home and play actively with family and friends. 
Basketball Game Set comes with backboard, rim, net, ball, pump and needle.  The Basketball Game Set is available with plastic or bronze anchor options and with an 18” set back.



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