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Enjoy the Fun of a Diving Board with the Beauty of a Waterfall—All in One!

Looking for a way to renovate your swimming pool so that you enhance the beauty of the pool, but still add hours of fun for the kids?  We've combined beauty and fun into one product we call the T7™ Diving System.  This stylish diving board is the only one in the industry to offer a tip-end waterfall option with 2 multi-colored optional lighting features—either LED or Fiber Optic—to provide a stunning nighttime effect.  But aside from being an attractive addition to the poolscape, this diving board has a hefty 300 lbs weight limit and a lot of jumping and diving fun for the entire family.  Now consumers can enjoy the fun of a diving board with the beauty and soothing sounds of a waterfall—all in one! 

This 7ft long diving board can be installed on Type I or larger diving pools and comes with the option of a 10.25” waterfall that run on as little as 450 GPH (7.5 GPM) of water.  The T7™ Diving System comes standard in Summit Gray, and can be upgraded to one of 4 other popular granite colors to perfectly match any pool deck treatment.

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Accessorize Your Pool with Slides & Diving Boards

Slides and diving boards are a terrific accessory—whether you just add a stand-alone slide or custom design a slide into the landscape.

We interviewed four pool “renovators” who actively use accessories to update and add functionality to their pool designs.  Dan Lenz at All Seasons Pools in Orland Park, IL, Martin Rowland at Bama Pools in Florence, AL, Clark Pulliam at Pulliam Pools in Houston, TX and Glen Bullard at Fort Worth Custom Pools in Fort Worth, TX.  Here is what they are finding popular and easy for pool owners who want to update their backyard landscape.

Custom Pools, Fort Worth, TX:
  Slides are key when we update pools.  Many people built pools when they didn’t have children around—or when they had older children.  And now they are grandparents with young children coming over to enjoy the pool.  This is a big entrée for up-selling slides and diving boards.   

Pulliam Pools, Houston, TX
:  Slides are a big part of our remodels.  We have had great success with the XStream slide by Inter-Fab.  It’s a terrific stand-alone slide that really makes a pool more fun and appealing to children.  This slide takes less than 5 hours to install and is one of the fastest ways to give a pool a face-lift. 

Custom Pools, Fort Worth, TX: 
Since salt-chlorine pools became very popular in the last 5 years, we get a lot of calls for renovations related to the corrosion caused by the salt.  The Inter-Fab polycoat spring board is a # 1 seller for us.  It is easy to remove the old, corroded diving board and install the new diving board without having to rip up the deck.  In less than 2 man hours you can update the pool look, remove the old rusted products and voila, a beautiful new pool-like pool! 

All Seasons, Orland Park, IL:  
One of our number one accessories for renovation are water features.  Even the new T7 diving board has a built-in fountain, making it a fun / functional accessory as well as one that beautifies the pool…especially with its built-in LED lighting.  We also build many different custom slides, using the Inter-Fab BYOS slide…to accommodate any backyard landscape…and really turn a simple pool into a beautiful, landscaped yet fun backyard escape.

Pulliam Pools, Houston, TX:
  Diving boards are another accessory we offer.   The T7 diving board offers the option of a water fall off the end of the board, complete with colored lighting for a nice night time effect.  It’s a product that gives a lot of punch for not a lot of money.

Bama Pools, Florence, AL:
 The slide is the best way to entertain and babysit those grandchildren.  The X-Stream slide by Inter-Fab is the most popular slide accessory that I offer.


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Target: SAFETY

When you think pool safety – think a diving board.

If you are about to install a pool, you’ve undoubtedly thought about pool safety and enjoyment.  Your pool professional can advise you on how to build safety into your new pool with the right fencing, walking surfaces, rails and ladders.  And you might want to consider another important safety feature: a diving board.

It’s true.  A diving board is one of the most basic safety features your pool can have.  Why?  Because it immediately indicates to pool users where it’s safe to dive, and discourages the dangerous – and common – practice of diving into the shallow end.  A properly installed diving board on a pool built to industry standards can make your pool safer for your family and friends.

When it comes to bodies of water, people have a natural tendency to want to dive in.  Without knowing the proper water depth, this can be risky.  Nearly every pool owner has encountered the diving instinct, but when diving into shallow water, there is no margin for error.  You can keep everyone safe by letting them know that shallow-end diving is not allowed – and by directing them to the diving board.  They’ll prefer it anyway!

Create a "diving zone."

With a diving board installed, you create a “diving zone”, which will attract children to the safe-end… allowing them to play safely from morning til’ night! 

Even the safest equipment must be used properly.  Inter-Fab promotes safe diving by offering these tips on the proper use of your diving board: always dive into water that meets depth requirements, with arms extended; be aware of the bottom and the walls of the pool; avoid collisions with pool toys and floats; and instruct your pool users to always “steer up” – once the water is entered, divers should immediately “steer” towards the surface.

If you’re considering a shallow pool – consider this.

Shallow “play pools” are sometimes recommended as a way to avoid the diving issue altogether.  This is faulty logic.  While they may be less expensive to install, play pools do not accommodate the “diving instinct”.  Just as people dive into other bodies of water, they will dive into “play pools”.  The safe diving area that a board locates can help eliminate this potentially dangerous practice.  Our safety record proves it.

Along with adding safety, Inter-Fab’s boards and bases are available in an array of colors and styles that add beauty to your pool as well.

Besides, it’s a “blast”!!!

A diving board is one safety feature that people want to use – especially kids.  No other pool feature can match the hour after hour entertainment provided by a diving board.  So be sure to have your builder install a diving board that complies with industry standards.  And relax!

Last year alone there were an estimated 1,000,000,000 (one billion) dives from diving boards in the United States.  None resulted in serious accident or injury.  In fact, pools built to our industry standards exceed ten years of safe diving board usage.  Many families have been deprived of pool related fun due to misguided reasoning.  What’s worse, many more have fallen prey to a false sense of security by having a pool built with no safe diving area.  Don’t be shallow when it comes to diving pools.  A properly designed diving pool provides a time tested, safe diving environment.  And, a diving board clearly locates the safe diving area of the pool.

Without a board, pool safety takes a dive.™

Target: Safety.  Include safety in your swimming pool… include a diving board.

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