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Enjoy the Fun of a Diving Board with the Beauty of a Waterfall—All in One!

Looking for a way to renovate your swimming pool so that you enhance the beauty of the pool, but still add hours of fun for the kids?  We've combined beauty and fun into one product we call the T7™ Diving System.  This stylish diving board is the only one in the industry to offer a tip-end waterfall option with 2 multi-colored optional lighting features—either LED or Fiber Optic—to provide a stunning nighttime effect.  But aside from being an attractive addition to the poolscape, this diving board has a hefty 300 lbs weight limit and a lot of jumping and diving fun for the entire family.  Now consumers can enjoy the fun of a diving board with the beauty and soothing sounds of a waterfall—all in one! 

This 7ft long diving board can be installed on Type I or larger diving pools and comes with the option of a 10.25” waterfall that run on as little as 450 GPH (7.5 GPM) of water.  The T7™ Diving System comes standard in Summit Gray, and can be upgraded to one of 4 other popular granite colors to perfectly match any pool deck treatment.

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