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Pool Games Keep Kids Active, Happy and at Home

Looking for a way to keep your kids active and truly entertained this summer?  But you don’t want your pool area to look junky?  We've got the perfect product to entertain the kids!  Our Basketball Game Set is designed to be easily added to pools via On-deck or In-deck installation.  We understand that you don’t want your pool area décor too cluttered with flimsy games that often break with serious use.  Our Basketball Game Set takes care of these concerns by offering a sturdy design that is integrated into your pool with stainless steel support legs that can also be upgraded to one of 5 designer powder coat colors to match your pool décor.

Make your pool more fun this summer and you will find that your kids wants to stay home and play actively with family and friends. 
Basketball Game Set comes with backboard, rim, net, ball, pump and needle.  The Basketball Game Set is available with plastic or bronze anchor options and with an 18” set back.



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Enjoy the Fun of a Diving Board with the Beauty of a Waterfall—All in One!

Looking for a way to renovate your swimming pool so that you enhance the beauty of the pool, but still add hours of fun for the kids?  We've combined beauty and fun into one product we call the T7™ Diving System.  This stylish diving board is the only one in the industry to offer a tip-end waterfall option with 2 multi-colored optional lighting features—either LED or Fiber Optic—to provide a stunning nighttime effect.  But aside from being an attractive addition to the poolscape, this diving board has a hefty 300 lbs weight limit and a lot of jumping and diving fun for the entire family.  Now consumers can enjoy the fun of a diving board with the beauty and soothing sounds of a waterfall—all in one! 

This 7ft long diving board can be installed on Type I or larger diving pools and comes with the option of a 10.25” waterfall that run on as little as 450 GPH (7.5 GPM) of water.  The T7™ Diving System comes standard in Summit Gray, and can be upgraded to one of 4 other popular granite colors to perfectly match any pool deck treatment.

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Spend More Time IN Your Pool with Inter-Fab’s Pool Table

Do you feel like you are always sitting on your pool deck but wish you could be IN your pool reading a book or enjoying refreshments?  Inter-Fab’s new Pool Table is the solution you have been looking for.  The table mounts directly into the floor of your pool, is 30” round and supports a standard sized umbrella pole. The table assembles in minutes and is easily removed without tools.  The height of the table adjusts up to 48” and is the perfect way to enhance a pool with an area for reading, resting or enjoying drinks under the protection of an umbrella within the pool!  Even your kids will take their breaks in the pool!  Available in 7 different colors to match the latest in backyard décor this unit can be installed in both vinyl liner and gunite pools and spas.  

Whether you are looking to be closer to your kids while they play in the pool or you simply want to enjoy lounging while being in the water, this table is the perfect way to maximize your swimming pool investment.  

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Accessorize Your Pool with Water Features

Water features are an aesthetic accessory—whether you just add a stand-alone water feature or a full suite of water features and matching accessories—the sights and sounds of cascading water will improve your landscape.

We interviewed four pool “renovators” who actively use accessories to update and add functionality to their pool designs. 
Dan Lenz at All Seasons Pools in Orland Park, IL, Martin Rowland at Bama Pools in Florence, AL, Clark Pulliam at Pulliam Pools in Houston, TX and Glen Bullard at Fort Worth Custom Pools in Fort Worth, TX.  Here is what they are finding popular and easy for pool owners who want to update their backyard landscape.

Custom Pools, Fort Worth, TX: 
Water bowls and fire / water bowls are not hard to add and give a quick facelift to the pool.

Bama Pools, Florence, AL
:  Most of my customers have seen HGTV with the pools that have the big beautiful, custom water feature on the pool that go for $10-20K.  So my customers are pleasantly surprised when I introduce them to the WOK water feature by Inter-Fab.  It isn’t a scary price, especially in the scope of the $20-$30K pool project.  I have had great success with the double-wok. The WOK is great because it’s easy to maintain, no plantings required, people like the shape, especially the double WOK that stair steps one into the other. They are easy to put on AND easy to take off in the winter when you want to close and cover the pool with a safety cover.  It takes less than an hour to install.  I also install a lot of artificial rock waterfalls, especially for empty-nesters looking to enhance their backyard relaxation.  In less than 2 hours I can install one of these products and the pool ‘look’ really changes.  These water features are an easy accessory to update any pool.


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Motivational Monday 3-18-13

Every now and then we share one of our Motivational Monday quotes on our blog.  

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Design a little happiness in your own backyard with some Inter-Fab products!

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