Become an Interfab Web Partner



There are literally thousands and thousands of consumer visits to our web site everyday. Statistics taken from our web site show that consumers come to to find out more about products and a large percentage of those consumers use the "Find a Dealer" locator to find a dealer they can do business with. Once you are an approved Inter-Fab Web Partner you will be searchable within our "Find a Dealer" locator.

Now these consumers can find you... but it gets better. On this new web site... we have a new feature called "Get a Quote" where a consumer can add products to a list, then request a quote for these products by clicking a button, part of the process of getting a quote is to "Find a Dealer" by entering a zip code... web partners that are in or near that zip code will show on a list that the consumer can choose from.

The consumer enters their contact information into a small form and hits "send"... after which... an email with that contact information and the list of products they want quoted is automatically emailed to that web partner by our web site. This new feature gives our web partners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to fresh, no cost sales leads... but it gets better.


  • You have the choice of purchasing retail display merchandise directly from Inter-Fab at greatly reduced prices... and we even pay for the shipping.
  • You will also be eligible to be additional insured on Inter-Fab's general liability insurance.
  • You fill out your company profile page when you register, this page becomes your web page on our web site. When a consumer uses the find a dealer locator by using a zip code a list of web partners is presented, the consumer can click any web partner on the list and their profile page opens up and provides the consumer with specific information about that company, in fact, there is even a link back to your own web site if you have one.
  • Your installers will be eligible to participate in the free Certified Installer Program.


  • Starting on October 1, 2009 only Inter-fab products installed by a certified installer will be eligible for the free additionally insured liability insurance.
  • Also... when a customer wants a quote or looks for a dealer to contact utilizing the "Find a Dealer" locator they will automatically be reminded to "look for companies with certified installers" ... so don't miss this opportunity to gain a decisive competitive edge over the competition. We made this process easy... once your installer has successfully passed a certification test your company profile is automatically updated by our web site... your company profile immediately indicates that you now have certified installers.
Use the "Become a Certified Installer" link on the Dealer Center home page for a more detailed explanation of the Certified Installer Program.


Its easy and fast and secure...
  1. At the bottom of this page is a "click here to register" link... click that link and you will be taken to a form.
  2. Fill out the form and click "register"... this just created your username and another form opens... this is where you create your company's profile... which is the information that will display when a consumer chooses your name from the "Find a Dealer" locator.
  3. Fill out the form and then click the "Save" button... that's it... the form is automatically sent to Inter-Fab for approval.

Web Partners are approved within 24 hours of pushing the "Save" button (weekends excluded). Once you are approved your company and company profile will be searchable in the "Find a Dealer" locator... and enabled to get automatic sales leads.

Note: you need an email address in order to submit a web partner form... Why?... because all sales leads and notifications about your company profile such as notification that one of your installers has successfully passed a certification test are automatically sent to you by email. If you want to be a web partner but don't have an email address... then call
Inter-Fab Customer Service at 800-737-5386 and find out how you can get a free email account. You will need to have your "Cookies" enabled in order to register.


as an Inter-Fab Web Partner you will be able to login and download the web partner display merchandise order form and details, the display merchandise pricing, and the additional insurance request form.

Tip: The web partner display forms and pricing are only visible to you on the Dealer Center home page once you are logged in. You can also manage your company profile such as keeping your company information up to date, remove certified installers from your profile, upload a new logo and much more.

 Tip: Once you submit your web partner registration you are also giving your permission to receive occasional email or fax messages from Inter-fab. However, we make it simple to "Opt Out" from the non-essential messages.