Become a Certified Installer



Inter-Fab products are extremely fun and safe when installed and used correctly, but there is much more to a correct installation than just placing the equipment on the pool deck. That is why Inter-Fab has developed the Inter-Fab Certified Installer Program (CIP). Inter-Fab is actively developing a nationwide network of Certified Installers through it's Certified Installer Program. By utilizing Certified Installers, customers can be confident that their Inter-Fab products are installed correctly.

When a customer wants a quote utilizing the new fully automated "Get a Quote" function or looks for a dealer to contact utilizing the "Find a Dealer" locator they will automatically be reminded to "look for companies with certified installers" ... Being certified provides an opportunity to gain a decisive edge over the competition.. given a choice... customers are going to contact dealers with certified installers over those who do not. Not to worry... we made this process easy... once you have successfully passed a certification test your associated web partner's company profile is automatically updated by our web site... immediately that company's profile is updated and now the literally thousand and thousands of consumers who visit the web site everyday will be able to see that your company has a certified installer. Also... starting on October 1, 2009 only Inter-Fab products installed by a certified installer will be eligible to be additional insured. Also... knowing the correct way to install a product makes the installation much faster and smoother increasing profitability and customer satisfaction. There is no substitute for quality workmanship.


You can become certified for any or all of the product groups that Inter-Fab sells. The certification you obtain for each type of product installation... such as Diving, Slides, Rails... follows you the installer not the company, so if you go to work for another company or start your own business there is no need to go through the certification process again.

  1. All you have to do is login to our web site using your installer user name and password and you will be able to make changes to your personal profile, such as selecting a new web partner to be associated with.
  2. Once you have made that change... our web site automatically removes you from the old company's profile and updates the new company's.
  3. Once you are logged in you can also review the test support materials for any test or take a test when you feel you are ready. Certifications expire after 3 years... you renew your certification by retaking and passing the test again.


  1. Click the "Click Here to Register" link at the bottom of this page, a form will open.
  2. Fill out this form
  3. Choose "I want to become a certified installer"
  4. Click the "Register" button. You have just created your installer login user name and password.
Tip: If you already have a login user name and password as a web partner you still need to create another one as an installer... Why?... the certification follows the installer not the company. Make sure you write down and keep your login names and passwords.


This is where you create your installer profile. There are 2 new fields you need to fill out... "Your Company"  and "Work Phone".


Note: you can still press the "Save" button without filling out these 2 additional fields and start taking tests... however, once you have successfully completed a test the only way that your certification will be valid or show in a company profile is if you login and under "Manage My Account" choose a company name from the drop down list in the "Your Company" field. If the company you work for is not on the drop down list under "Your Company" then your company will have to register to be a web partner... not to worry... the web partner registration process is free, quick and easy. Web Partner approval usually happens within 24 hours (weekends excluded).


  1. Go to the Dealer Center home page and click the "Take a Test" link, login with your installer username and password. A new window opens...
  2. Choose what test you want, click the link associated with that test, a new window opens and it displays links to all the support materials for that test, such as, all the training installation videos, the most current installation manuals for each of the products and a link to take the test when you are ready.
TIP: if you click a link to a product video, that video opens in a new window on the same screen, if you then click the link to an install manual it opens in a new window on the same screen, the same thing happens when you open a test. This allows you (if you want to) to take the test "open book" where you can see the test, the videos and install manuals all on the same screen at the same time.