Portable i-Lift

Portable i-Lift Pool Lift

The Solution for ADA Compliance

The Portable i-Lift battery powered Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant pool lift is the most economical & efficient solution to ADA compliance. Designed for use on in-ground pools/spas for all commercial and public pools, from large scale aquatic facilities including schools & university's, to fitness and recreational sports clubs, hotels/motels and more. Compliance is required by January 31, 2013 but don't wait, the Portable i-Lift is by far your most economical and versatile solution. The Portable i-Lift battery powered lift has a safe and easy operating system which is rotationally and vertically powered. Questions? Please contact our i-Lift Specialist at 800.737.5386 x121


  • ADA Compliant
  • Designed for Pool & Spa Applications
  • Easy to Operate With 360° Rotation for Flexible Load & Unload Positions
  • 300 lb. Weight Limit
  • 6 Points of Contact With Pool Deck for Safety & Stability When Stabilizer Arms Are Out
  • Small Footprint Allows the Lift to Stay Out of the Clear Deck Space Zone for Aquatic Lifts Required by ADA Guidelines
  • Will Not Mark or Mar Concrete Because All Contact Points are Coated With Thick Protective Non-Slip Pads
  • Sealed Weight Compartment to Help Prevent Stains n the Pool Deck
  • No Anchor Required
  • Easy to Move Around With 4 Precision Bearing Castors
  • Lift Folds Back Over Anchor Reducing Storage Space Needs
  • Removable Handle for Safety & Storage Ease
  • Ships in Manageable Pieces for Ease of Off-Loading & Assembly on the Pool Deck
  • 4 Points to Lock the Unit to the Deck for Redundancy in Safety
  • 2 Pull-Out Locking Legs for Safety & Stability
  • 4 Swiss Made High Performance Wheels - 2 Locking & 2 Stationary


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